Who Are We?


Welcome to the United Pentecostal Church in Bourbon, Indiana
Whether you are looking for a church home or you're considering coming to church for the very first time we are glad you're here because "There's Room in Our Family for Yours" Whatever path you are on and whatever your story is we're happy you're interested in finding out more about us.

We welcome you and invite you to worship with us. If you have never had the opportunity to be in a spirit filled service before, you will discover that the oldest worship on earth is a brand new experience for you. You will find an open, informal and enthusiastic approach to worship in our services. Clapping of hands, standing, singing, praying aloud, shouting and even dancing in the Spirit are practiced in our meetings. You will enjoy special singing such as solos, quartets, choirs and the orchestra. The focus however is always on the Lord’s presence and the preaching of the word of God. Come and join us.Our Goal is to share the truth of repentance, Baptism in Jesus Name, the infilling of the Holy Ghost and Holiness with every person. To be a multi-cultural church and to understand that Prayer is a privilege we cannot do without.
Our Mission is to build a Christian legacy for our children both spiritual and physical, that they can carry into a time we cannot see.
Our Purpose is to be a place for the hurting, depressed, and frustrated people to come find love, forgiveness, healing and salvation.