Our Story

A church with a proud past and a bright future!

The church began in 1925 through gatherings and a tent revival as an outreach from saints in Mishawaka. Named Full Gospel Assembly of Bourbon, a group of believers continued the meetings and grew in number. The building and congregation has worshipped under a variety of names. But, in 1968, the name changed to the Bourbon United Pentecostal Church and is known as that today. The congregation has been led by Holy Ghost filled men as follows:
  1. Rev. Charles Taylor 1925 – 1927
  2. Rev. John Rayl 1927 – 1929
  3. Rev. Clifford Bryan 1929 – 1933
  4. Rev. Warren Wagner 1933 – 1938
  5. Rev. Ray Ooley 1938 – 1945
  6. Rev. Harry Shearer 1945 – 1975
  7. Rev. Edward Kozar 1975 – 1985
  8. Rev. Mark Cottrill 1985 – 2019
  9. Rev. Matthew Cottrill 2019 - Present
The building has expanded as well. The first building, at the corner of Bourbon and North Streets, was erected in 1926. Extensions occurred in 1947 and 1976. The latest was in 2001 when a new 10,000 sq. ft. sanctuary, offices, and lobby were added. In 2005, the Kids Kingdom Daycare began its ministry as a service to our community and has been rated as one of the best in the state!
Photo taken 1934
Photo taken 1996
Photo taken 2016