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Make Your Election Sure
America is a land of diversity.  It is our identity; it is our strength. 
Each voice sharpens the next until we produce great ideas, like our truly unique constitution.  Its bond and covenant rest upon the faith of a man to guide the path of a man.  Democracy rests upon Christianity, Christianity does not rest on Democracy. 
Your unique path in life has led you into this moment and if you were like hundreds of millions of other Americans, you cast a vote for the office of the President of an Earthly Nation.  The election may not be sure today or tomorrow, or next week.  You may have to wait to find out who is in authority of our United States.  The election of your eternal soul to spend eternity in Heaven with the creator requires no ruling from the Supreme Court or recount.
You can make your election sure right now.  His word is alive, his spirit is available. Your purpose driven love of God is the exponential factor in the degree to which the Holy Spirit of God can work through you to perform miracles here on earth. 
As your love and respect of God grows, as you become his, your obedience to his word and spirit, is your eternal voting stub.  Your life has cast its ballot, but unlike the army of bureaucrats which will give America its temporal answer, only one will decide the election of your soul.  It’s not complicated, he doesn’t ask for ID.  When he returns again, if your name is written in the Lamb’s book of Life, you will live eternally with God.  All of eternity is yours for the acceptance.  Not acceptance of a theological concept but acceptance of the lifestyle Jesus designed for his living body which remains on earth.
Do you seek him out each morning and let his spirit guide you?  Would you vouch for you?  Has he voted for you?  The new covenant between the creator and his children is not complicated.  It is a service agreement, not a get out of jail free card.  You have to do your part. 
In all of God’s billions of children, the diversity defies our secular grasp of the word, yet in the end he will vote for some, yet others names will be omitted.  Not because he loved them less, but because their life campaigned on platform of self-will instead of servanthood, and he will vote accordingly.
America is in the midst of change.  Our earthly leadership will always change, let his will for the change in your life specifically reveal itself though his word and sincere prayer.  Make your most important election sure.


Pastor Cottrill - November 7th, 2020 at 6:17pm

Great article Nathan. Great insight and information that should cause us all to have a few moments of introspection.

Lady Cottrill - November 8th, 2020 at 6:22am

Insightful and thought provoking.

There is only ONE Name given among men whereby we MUST be saved.

Make your election sure being baptized in that one Name- Jesus. And be Spirit baptized. Then walk in newness of life. ( Acts 4:12, John 3:5, Romans 6:4)